14920JR Belle Isle Jelly Roll

By Minnick & Simpson for Moda - 14920JR

Evoking memories of picnics, biking, ball games and family, Belle Isle � or Beautiful Island � is a celebration of the fresh air and water we all seek when life starts to build up. It is the ease of summer, being outdoors to breathe deep and relax. Happy times. Named after one of Michigan�s jewels, the Belle Isle collection is Red, White and Blue, with a bit of Pink. The prints are pure Minick & Simpson with florals, shirtings, stars, plaids and paisleys. A favorite small flag and roses print from years� past adds a bit of Americana.

This jelly roll contains 40 2.5" x 44" fabric strips in 100% top quality quilt cottons professionally cut and packaged for Moda fabrics.