27310LC Confection Batiks Layer Cake

By Kate Spain for Moda - 27310LC

During the summers when I was a little girl, our family would visit Block Island - a small, blissful island gem off the coast of Rhode Island. Among the seaside shops that dotted the main street was a place called "Harbor Sweets", the one and only penny candy store where you could buy everything from salt water taffy to homemade chocolate fudge. I remember walking into the small space with its dark, hardwood floors, smelling the sweet sugar, and seeing walls of glass containers filled with colorful treats. I wanted at least one of everything! Confection Batiks are an eclectic mix of hand-carved block prints in savory candy colors of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, mint, currant, lime and melon. This yummy collection lets you be like a kid in a candy store where you can mix and match and try every flavor!

This layer cake contains 42 10" x 10" fabric squares in 100% top quality quilt cottons professionally cut and packaged for Moda fabrics.

PLEASE NOTE: we will generally remove the original layer cake packaging to reduce the cost of shipping your layer cake. Please contact us if you wish to keep the packaging intact, and we will explain the shipping options.