13357 11P Lakeside Story Illinois Panel

By Mara Penny for Moda - Illinois Quilting Fabric 44" X 15" Panels

The Lakeside Story Collection is reminiscent of a good old-fashioned summer camp with hiking in the woods, canoeing, sailing, and catching fireflies. Inspired by the spirit of outdoor adventuring in and around the enormous Great Lakes of North America: Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie, as well as the many smaller jewel-like lakes dotting the area, the collection includes panels for each state fortunate enough to border the lakes. Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan are each represented with an illustrated map replete with hand-lettered cities, popular state sights, and attractions. An additional panel highlights each state's official bird and flower.

Our top quality cotton quilting panels are approximately 44" X 15"; multiple panels will be cut in one continuous piece whenever possible.