11127 23 Forever Green Parchment 11" End-of-Bolt Piece

By Holly Taylor for Moda - Parchment Quilting Fabric End-of-Bolt Piece

When the skies turn gray and the beautiful colors of fall have disappeared, we still have the many wondrous shades of evergreen to provide a stark contrast to the snow. It always reminds us of the holiday season, the time we decorate the boughs and the trees, and come up with new ways to make them look beautiful for another season. It is a pleasure to see how creative we can be using all the fresh branches. There are centerpieces to make, arrangements for the mantle and a wreath for the door. It truly will be another magical holiday.

NOTE: this listing is for a single 11-inch end-of-bolt piece of 100% cotton quilting fabric, approximately 44.0 wide.