1357 19 Hearty Good Wishes FQ Fat Quarter

By Janet Clare for Moda - Quilting Fabric Fat Quarter

Hearty Good Wishes was inspired by my seaside childhood, the shipping forecast and an Edwardian Christmas card! Nowadays I live in a town nowhere near the sea and really miss it. So, I listen to the poetic shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4 instead and imagine all the ships and sailors out at sea. One day I found a little Christmas card sent by ‘Eva’ in 1915. And it got me thinking about the coast at Christmas time, in the very depths of winter when it’s bold and bracing. I love the coast then don’t you? So, here’s to the coast in winter: to the waves, the spray, the wild salty air and the rosy cheeks...Hearty good wishes to you! 

This fat quarter is approximately 18" x 22" in 100% top quality quilt cotton.