1495 21FQ Geometry Euclid Fat Quarter

By Janet Clare for Moda - Euclid Quilting Fabric Fat Quarter

I've never particularly got along with maths. At school Pythagoras, trigonometry, algebra and equations just made me feel a bit thick. So, it�s quite amusing that I now spend a good part of my life doing just that: calculating areas and angles, dividing, multiplying and then adding that pesky quarter inch to everything! I do love maths equipment though; the rulers, protractors, compasses and best of all- the graph paper. Give me some indigo ink and a piece of squared paper and I am very happy. �Geometry� features isosceles triangles, right angles, quadrants and cubes all painted by hand on my favourite graph paper in my favourite colours with the addition of a nice sharp green for added flair.

This fat quarter is approximately 18" x 22" in 100% top quality quilt cotton.