20410PP Fresh Fig Favorites Charm Pack

By Fig Tree & Co for Moda - 20410PP

Welcome to Fresh Fig Favorites... a rainbow of colors created to mix and match to create seasonal projects in endless possibilities of palettes! This is truly our ultimate blender collection. A compilation of some of our all time favorite prints in a classic Fig Tree rainbow� created especially in order to be mixed into 5 separate palettes: Patriotic Summer, Vintage Halloween, Classic Christmas and Creamy Neutrals. Mix and match the colors to create all of these different seasonal palettes or keep the neutrals and the Rainbow separate for 2 complimentary collections. There are so many options to keep our creative juices flowing that I hope you will join me in the adventure! Be inspired by some of our perfect seasonal projects or get creative with some creative combinations of your own!

This charm pack consists of 42 5" x 5" fabric squares in 100% top quality quilt cottons professionally cut and packaged for Moda fabrics.