20678 22 Sunday Picnic Orange Fat Quarter

By Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda - Orange Quilting Fabric Fat Quarter

Often times inspiration can come in the most unexpected ways and that is definitely true for my latest collection Sunday Picnic. My dad decided to plant 20 acres of California Poppies behind their house. My brothers and I lovingly referred to it as the “Field of Dreams” as this is something my dad had wanted to do for a long time. This last spring, my parents field turned into a true field of dreams. A brilliant glow of orange could be seen from far and wide, and it actually made the inside of their home glow as well. It was spectacular! One of my brothers had suggested having a picnic in the field, and at that very moment Sunday Picnic was born. Bright floral patterns and picnic themed prints are the subject of this collection. If you look very closely you will even find some poppies in some of the prints. There are also five picnic inspired quilts that make the perfect addition to any picnic and will hopefully be used for the next bloom at my parents' home. A picnic would not be complete without the basket and all the fixin’s and this collection delivers. Not only is there a cut-and-sew basket with food, there are also two sweet frogs to keep you company on your picnic. Here's to slowing down and enjoying time with friends and family with a perfect Sunday Picnic.

This fat quarter is approximately 18" x 22" in 100% top quality quilt cotton.