22263 14 Dot Dot Dash Purple Fat Quarter

By Me & My Sister for Moda - Purple Quilting Fabric Fat Quarter

Yes, we are sisters; actually we are two of five sisters! Four of us are quilters and we’re working on the fifth! Through the years, and at times many miles between us, our love of fabrics, sewing, and quilting remained a bond we shared. When a move back to Phoenix brought the two of us together again we started thinking…there is nothing like owning a quilt shop to increase your fabric stash…so we did. Designing and sewing sample quilts for the shop was more fun than could be imagined. Years passed and the quilts piled up. After selling the shop we focused all our attention on designing quilt patterns, and “Me and My Sister Designs” came to be. We still get to cut fabric and put it back together again but now we can do it in our pajamas! Now that’s a dream come true! I’m the brights and 30’s reproductions and she’s the rich florals and blended quilts, with our common ground being soft florals and pastels. Once in awhile, but not very often, we cross the beams and I can be found working with blenders and she with brights! We hope you enjoy our latest creations.

This fat quarter is approximately 18" x 22" in 100% top quality quilt cotton.