2990LC Prairie Days Layer Cake

By Bunny Hill Designs for Moda - 2990LC

Come with me and return to the simple life, where homemade is "best made," and neighbor helps neighbor. Let's celebrate this good life together with Prairie Days. Little prints in shades of Prairie Red, Dusk Blue, Sky Blue, and Milk White make this collection crisp and delightful. Use my tag panel to add the perfect finishing touch to all the projects you're sure to make. So let's pet those sheep and hug our neighbors, it's time for some fun!

This layer cake contains 42 10" x 10" fabric squares in 100% top quality quilt cottons professionally cut and packaged for Moda fabrics.

PLEASE NOTE: we will generally remove the original layer cake packaging to reduce the cost of shipping your layer cake. Please contact us if you wish to keep the packaging intact, and we will explain the shipping options.