48633 15 Dandi-Annie Petal Fat Quarter

By Robin Pickens for Moda - Petal Quilting Fabric Fat Quarter

Dandelions remind me of growing up in the Midwest and seeing the cheery, yellow blooms pop up in the middle of the yard. While the adults saw them as annoying weeds, we saw simple, happy flowers that made charming bouquets, could be twisted into necklaces and rubbed onto our skin to make a lovely golden color. Even better than the yellow beauties were the mature puff balls of seeds. We knew our dreams were sure to come true if we could blow all the seeds off the stem in one big breath. The graceful dance of seeds traveling in the breeze gave flight to our wishes on warm sunny days. Remember those simple pleasures… make a wish and blow!

This fat quarter is approximately 18" x 22" in 100% top quality quilt cotton.