48681 15 Solana Clementine 18" End-of-Bolt Piece

By Robin Pickens for Moda - Clementine Quilting Fabric End-of-Bolt Piece

Sunflowers feel like such an expression of optimism and reaching for the bright side. Those giant flower heads, full of seeds, grow tall and proud and strong. When I created the artwork for this collection, I didn�t know how much I would need to be reminded to keep looking to the sun, just as sunflowers do. Solana includes two wall panels with favorite quotes, each of which is a yard of fabric. They can be framed as wall art, quilted for a simple wall quilt, or finished with blocks and borders for a larger quilt. My wish is that you will follow Helen Keller�s words, �Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It�s what sunflowers do.�

NOTE: this listing is for a single 18-inch (1/2-yard) end-of-bolt piece of 100% cotton quilting fabric, approximately 44 inches wide.