8494 14 Fresh as a Daisy Cobalt By-the-Yard

By Laura Muir for Moda - Cobalt Quilting Fabric By-The-Yard

Imagine an ancient stone cottage tucked deep in a secluded wood. Set atop rolling hills surrounded by flower fields and tall lush trees, there you will find the retreat of my dreams.... Fresh As A Daisy is a celebration of this hidden gem, with gardens filled to the brim with a riot of color, texture, and of course, daisies. For this collection, we have taken the beautiful painting "Lost In The Woods" and brought it to life on fabric! Each yard is a panel of my dream cottage garden. There is also a panel with an arrangement of daisies complemented by the *Flower Patch* art panel. There are floral patterns colored in a fresh, modern palette, new flow watercolors, stripes and colorful splashes of metallic throughout. We can't wait to see what hidden treasures you dream up with Fresh As A Daisy fabrics!

Our by-the-yard top quality cotton quilting fabric is approximately 44" wide; multiple yards will be cut in one continuous piece whenever possible.